AIR Projects

Boosting project efficiency while still delivering high-quality results.

A flexible project management tool for any team

AIR Projects is the perfect software for our clients with complex projects, multiple team members, and time-sensitive tasks. With the ability to allocate resources more effectively and identify potential bottlenecks, you’ll be able to improve overall project efficiency and deliver high-quality results to your customers.

AIR Projects brings together all your systems, technologies, and teams, resulting in unparalleled collaboration for every team. With the heightened efficiency, fewer errors, enriched communication, and enlightened decisions provided by our project management tool, your projects (and your company) will flourish like never before.

AIR Projects’ services include:

  1. A subscription-based model: pay only for what you need, when you need it 
  2. Risk assessment mechanisms which catalog and evaluate your projects’ risks 
  3. Data-driven insights into your integration project’s performance 
  4. A team of experts to handle your data securely 

Intuitive Project Planning

Simplify project planning with intuitive interfaces, interactive Gantt charts, and task dependency management.

Real-time Tracking and Reporting

Monitor project progress in real-time, generate insightful reports, and gain visibility into project performance and milestones.

Document and File Management

Centralize project-related documents, files, and versions for easy access, version control, and collaboration.

Collaboration and Communication

Foster team collaboration and streamline communication through centralized project dashboards, real-time updates, and integrated communication tools.

Streamline projects across your operation

AIR Projects offers a streamlined solution for efficient project management. From task management and resource allocation to document organization and progress tracking, this subscription-based project management tool offers everything you need for successful project delivery.

AIR Projects provides several invaluable benefits for companies of every size: streamlined coordination, efficient task management, and transparent progress tracking. Seamlessly aligning teams and tasks, our unique software enhances collaboration with real-time project tracking for both advancements and delays. With AIR Projects in your toolbox, you’re not just overseeing projects – you’re crafting triumphs.

Comprehensive tools
for any industry

Building the future with innovative technology solutions.

AIR Vault

Securely share or transfer files with fully managed SFTP and FTP.

AIR Projects

Collaborate, plan, and execute projects seamlessly.

AIR Analytics

Optimize performance with real-time data, in-depth reports, and actionable insights.

AIR Drive

Access, share, and sync your files with complete security- on or offline.

AIR Scrapex

Web crawling and data extraction- whenever you need it.

AIR Atlas

User-friendly data mapping workbench.