Empowering your team one tool at a time

Developed by the AdroitCo Innovation and Research Team


AIR Scrapex is how ethical, and efficient data extraction supports research, lead generation, and analysis. This adaptable web scraper gives you effortless extraction, analysis, and an edge in data utilization. Navigate modern web dynamics, handle JavaScript-rendered content seamlessly, and transform scraped data into your preferred formats.


Get fully managed FTP and SFTP to securely manage cross-system file transfers with AIR Vault. Integrate seamlessly with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3. Customize and automate complex workflows, syncs, and encryption, while also confidently managing sensitive data and bulk transfers.


Manage your file storage anytime, from anywhere, with AIR Drive. Stay productive on-the-go with mobile compatibility, offline access, and centralized storage for version control. Strengthen your team with real-time editing and custom permissions, while also boosting confidentiality through multi-factor authentication and encryption.


AIR Projects is a project management tool designed to enhance team coordination, task management, and progress tracking. Ideal for complex projects, multiple teams, and deadlines, it allocates resources effectively and identifies bottlenecks. By uniting all your systems and teams with real-time updates, you’ll enjoy enriched communication, efficiency, and decision-making.