AIR Drive

Organize, view, and share your files with complete data security.

An intuitive repository app:

AIR Drive is where efficiency meets collaboration. You can access and manage your files from anywhere, with centralized storage to ensure version control and eliminate data loss issues. With real-time editing and file sharing with custom permissions, your team will have more freedom and more control than ever before.

Elevate your workflow, enhance collaboration, and safeguard your data on the cloud with AIR Drive. It’s easy to stay organized with advanced search, tagging, and folder features, while automated workflows and mobile compatibility keep you productive on the go. And security is a non-issue with encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular backups ensuring your data’s safety. Your journey to streamlined productivity starts with AIR Drive.

AIR Drive’s services include:

  1. A subscription-based model: pay only for what you need, when you need it 
  2. Secure collaboration in real-time without version conflicts 
  3. A user-friendly file repository with mobile and offline access 
  4. A team of experts to support you in managing your entire library 

Advanced Search and Organization

Stay organized effortlessly with advanced search, tagging, and folder functionalities. Locate files quickly amidst a growing repository. Efficient organization tools streamline workflows and save valuable time.

Secure Sharing and Access Control

Safely share files with colleagues, clients, and partners. Customize access permissions to ensure data security. Multi-factor authentication and encryption provide robust protection against unauthorized access, boosting confidentiality.

Scalability and Flexibility

Experience scalability without the hassle. Easily adjust storage capacity and resources based on your evolving needs. And our subscription-based model means you pay only for what you use.

Mobile Compatibility and Offline Access

Stay connected and productive on-the-go with mobile compatibility. Access, edit, and manage files from your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy the convenience of offline access, enabling work even when you're disconnected.

File storage YOUR way

With AIR Drive, you’ll never worry about file storage again. Securely share files, fine-tuning access for enhanced confidentiality with multi-factor authentication and encryption. Plus, our flexible subscription model provides cost-effective growth, giving you the freedom to pay as you grow.

Experience productivity without boundaries—stay productive on-the-move with mobile compatibility. Need to go offline? No problem. AIR Drive keeps you connected anytime, anywhere. Unlock the potential for streamlined collaboration, fortified security, and seamless adaptation that comes from subscribing to AIR Drive.

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AIR Vault

Securely share or transfer files with fully managed SFTP and FTP.

AIR Projects

Collaborate, plan, and execute projects seamlessly.

AIR Analytics

Optimize performance with real-time data, in-depth reports, and actionable insights.

AIR Drive

Access, share, and sync your files with complete security- on or offline.