AIR Analytics

Move forward confidently with real-time data, in-depth reports, and actionable insights.

Analytics and Business Intelligence:

Unlock the power of data with AIR Analytics, where cutting-edge integration technology meets robust analytics and business intelligence. Our custom-built dashboards give users the most accurate breakdown for data from any number of sources, interactive reports and charts, and more.

AIR Analytics provides self-service BI tools to enhance user autonomy and collaboration with your entire team, as well as top-tier data security and governance features. Elevate your business with actionable insights and trend forecasting, while also keeping your most sensitive data completely secure on the cloud.

AIR Analytics’ services include:

  1. A subscription-based model: pay only for what you need, when you need it 
  2. Predictive insights to optimize your business strategies 
  3. Real-time monitoring and alerts to keep you informed 
  4. A team of experts to handle your data securely 

Data Exploration and Visualization

Easily explore and analyze data through intuitive visualizations, dashboards, and interactive reports.

Data Integration and Consolidation

Consolidate data from various sources into a centralized platform for comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Advanced Analytics and Predictive Modeling

Utilize advanced analytics techniques, such as predictive modeling and machine learning algorithms, to uncover hidden patterns and make accurate forecasts.

Mobile and Cloud Capabilities

Access data and insights anytime, anywhere with mobile-friendly interfaces and cloud-based deployment options.

Data-Driven Insights

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AIR Vault

Securely share or transfer files with fully managed SFTP and FTP.

AIR Projects

Collaborate, plan, and execute projects seamlessly.

AIR Analytics

Optimize performance with real-time data, in-depth reports, and actionable insights.

AIR Drive

Access, share, and sync your files with complete security- on or offline.