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Salesforce Developer

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As a Salesforce Developer, your role is pivotal in driving our Salesforce development initiatives. Key responsibilities include:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in Salesforce Apex, Integration, and Lightning Web Components (LWC).
  • Ensure SDK Mobile compatibility and responsiveness with Salesforce applications.
  • Focus on the reusability of Lightning Web Components, enhancing modularity and efficiency.
  • Integrate LWC seamlessly with Apex, ensuring smooth data flow and functionality.
  • Utilize SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) for efficient data retrieval.
  • Write Apex Test Classes to ensure the reliability and robustness of code.
  • Develop Batch Apex Classes for processing large datasets efficiently.
  • Ensure the effective execution of batch processes to meet business requirements.
  • Experience with Salesforce REST Callouts, facilitating seamless integration with external systems.
  • Implement secure and efficient data exchange between Salesforce and external services.
  • Execute deployments using Copado, ensuring a streamlined and controlled deployment process.
  • Maintain version control and track changes through the deployment lifecycle.
  • Implement Navigation Service to enhance user experience and facilitate efficient navigation within Salesforce applications.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to Salesforce development.
  • Optimize code for performance, adhering to best practices and coding standards.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements.
  • Document development processes, configurations, and customizations.
  • Stay abreast of the latest Salesforce features, updates, and best practices.
  • Apply continuous learning to enhance development skills and contribute to evolving Salesforce solutions.
  •  Ensure responsive design principles in Salesforce applications for optimal user experience across devices.
  •  Maintain compatibility with mobile devices through effective use of Salesforce Mobile SDK.
  •  Enhance mobile user experience and functionality.

Minimum Education:

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent.


  • Salesforce Apex, Integration, LWC,
  • SDK Mobile compatibility – Responsive with Salesforce
  • Navigation Service
  • Reusability of Lightning Web Components
  • Integration of LWC with APEX
  • SOQL
  • Writing Apex Test Classes
  • Writing Batch Apex Classes
  • Experience with Salesforce REST Callout
  • Copado deployment
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