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Data Analyst

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As a Data Analyst, your role is essential in shaping our data architecture and ensuring the efficiency of our data processes. Key responsibilities include:

  • Utilize expertise in Pyspark, Python, Hadoop, Impala, Hive, and preferably Scala Spark and Databricks.
  • Apply knowledge of Snowflake for data warehousing.
  • Analyze reporting requirements to determine summary table/view data model requirements.
  • Extend the data warehouse data layer by producing physical summary tables/views for utilization in the warehouse reporting layer.
  • Determine and tune SQL used to populate data warehouse summary tables/views.
  • Optimize SQL queries to enhance data retrieval and processing efficiency.
  • Provide feedback on the data warehouse data model.
  • Propose changes necessary to correctly populate summary tables/views based on evolving requirements.
  • Generate comprehensive system documentation for all changes made.
  • Maintain up-to-date documentation for transparency and knowledge transfer.
  • Bring to the role 5+ years of experience in data warehousing, data modeling, PLSQL, and database management.
  • Demonstrate excellent SQL skills and proficiency in working with Unix/Linux server environments.
  • Exhibit excellent communication skills, essential for conveying complex technical concepts.
  • Collaborate effectively within a team environment, fostering a culture of shared success.
  • Showcase strong problem-solving skills in addressing data-related challenges.
  • Operate as a self-starter, taking initiative to drive data initiatives forward.

Minimum Education:

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent.

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